Where’s the best value rent in North London?

Trying to snapshot rents across an area, or even within a street or two, can be  something of a fool’s errand.

Trying to snapshot rents across an area, or even within a street or two, can be something of a fool’s errand.

The value of London’s rental stock can change markedly within a few yards. In addition, of course, the condition and level of fit out of one rental property can boost its value significantly over that of its more modest neighbour.

Having said that, we like the excellent rentbarometer.com, a site that monitors actual rental prices achieved in the capital, and averages the data on an area by area basis.

While it’d not intended to provide anyone, landlord or tenant, with a definitive indication of what their specific rent should be, it does offer both groups an excellent way to judge where a property sits in the market.

The North London rental property areas we cover

The rentbarameter.com analysis includes 8 areas that we handle every day at Ariston Property.

These are Angel, Chalk Farm, Dalston, Holloway, Highgate, Islington, Kentish Town and Seven Sisters.

As it stands now, at the beginning of March 2017, the average weekly rent for a two-bed flat in Seven Sisters sits at a modest £300 per week, while the price of a similar sized property in Angel is more than double this, at £661.

Renting close in in North London

Between these extremes, the more prosaic and urban areas we cover, including Dalston, Holloway and Kentish Town, showed average rents of £424-£484 per week for a two-bed. In the same areas a one-bed flat typically rented in the range £327-£361 per week.

Renting in Islington and Highgate

For tenants less pressed on budget and preferring to live in the potentially more rarefied neighbourhoods of Islington and Highgate, two-beds let at averages of between £572 (Islington) and £490 (Highgate) per week. Both boroughs have a highly diverse rental stock, however, and prospective renters less familiar with the areas should be aware that delightful streets close to the Village, in Highgate, or within a stone’s throw of Upper Street, In Islington, will command rents far above these averages.

In the end, individual flats and landlords will determine rents sought in the market, but in our experience tenants can take the rentbarometer.com averages as a good background indication, assuming that the nicer a property is, the further it’s likely to wander from the averages shown.

Expert help in finding flats to rent in North London

If you’re doing your best to find a flat to rent in North London, whether it’s in Hornsey rise, Archway, Finsbury Park, Holloway or any of the other areas we cover, get in touch with us.

We’ve been helping tenants to find accommodation in the area for a long time, and our specific local knowledge of how rents vary within an area can often help you live where you’d like to without paying more than you want to.