Is North London A Nice Place To Live?

When it comes to finding where you want to live, be it renting or buying, you need to consider a lot of points.

When it comes to finding where you want to live, be it renting or buying, you need to consider a lot of points.

Your budget and the price of homes will always be a factor, but you also need to consider transport, shops and if you have kids, school places.

However, we think you should also consider whether you like a place. When you feel at home and are settled, your life is easier, and you are more likely to be satisfied.

We believe there are many brilliant options to consider if you are looking at homes in North London. At Ariston Property, we believe North London is a nice place to live, and there are some brilliant options for you to consider.

We think you will love North London

Some of the nicest areas to live in North London include:

Archway, N19

The Archway roundabout is at the heart of the local area, but the local tube station makes commuting to and from the centre of London very easy. This is a brilliant place to buy or rent for those people looking to move up in the world, and feel more settled in the capital.

Hornsey Rise, N19

One of the things we love about Hornsey Rise is that it offers tremendous value for money. With local locations such as Manor House and Crouch End being the focal points for many property seekers, Hornsey Rise quietly goes about its business! You’ll love the Underground, rail and bus connections from here.

Crouch End, N8

One of the most in-demand villages in the north of London, if you are looking for a home that offers everything on your doorstep, Crouch End has it all. Sure you will be well connected to all of London, but with brilliant shops, bars, cafes and restaurants so close to home, you won’t need to travel far to have a great time.

Finsbury Park, N4

We know many parts of North London are well-connected to all aspects of London, but few are as well-connected as Finsbury Park. The outdoor space on offer in the area also makes it one of the leading locations you’ll love in the capital, and this is an area that always sees high demand for homes and rental property.

Highgate, N6

Highgate is one the London locations steeped in history, but this shouldn’t overlook how stylish and appealing the present-day version is. We like to think of this area as a perfect spot for people looking to lay down roots for a few years.

If you have any questions about any of these areas of North London, get in touch. Also, if you own North London property and you are considering selling, let us know, and we will be happy to represent you.

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