What Tenants Must Do During The Lease

Tenants need to know their responsibilities during a lease.

While there is a lot of focus on landlords responsibilities during a lease, it is important to define what tenants must do during the lease. This information offers guidance to tenants and landlords, hopefully making it easier to develop a satisfactory relationship during the rental process.

It should go without saying a tenant should pay their rent on time and in full. This is the leading priority for tenants, and if they fail to do so, they run the risk of being asked to leave the rental property.

If a tenant believes they will experience problems in paying the expected rent, they should raise the matter with the landlord as quickly as possible. Informing the landlord of the situation allows the landlord to make plans for the non-payment. Many landlords are reliant on tenant’s rental fees to pay the mortgage on the rental property. Therefore, if there is a problem with that month’s rent, landlords need to be advised as quickly as possible.

Some landlords will be able to offer a solution or temporary resolution to this problem, so tenants are advised to communicate any concerns or problems to the landlord.

Pay other property related bills

Being a tenant is expensive, and there is a lot of bills which must be paid. After a tenant has paid rent, there is a need for them to pay council tax, water bills, electricity and gas bills. The tenant may also have phone and internet charges relating to their stay in the house, and these also have to be paid for.

Given that a tenant will also have other expenses not relating to the property, it is vital that tenants have a budget in place and know what they can and cannot afford.

Tenants must look after the premises

The tenant is required to maintain the condition of the rental property. Natural wear and tear is expected in a rental property, but if there is any notable damage caused by the tenant, they will likely lose their deposit. If the damage is of a serious or sizable nature, the landlord may question whether the tenant is fit to live in the premises.

If there are any problems with the rental property, the tenant should bring them to the landlords’ attention as quickly as possible.

Consideration for others

Tenants have to show respect to the rental property, but they should also show respect for the local community and neighbours. If tenants cause problems in the property, street or local area, it can reflect on the landlord. This outcome may lead to the landlord becoming involved in a situation, and again, that may lead to the landlord requesting the tenant move out of the rental property.

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