South West London Landlords – Kitchens For Rental

The right kitchen makes home life easier for tenants, and landlords should provide a dependable range of appliances in the kitchen.

Whether you offer furnished or unfurnished property to your tenants, landlords have to provide some features and appliances. The kitchen is often seen as the hub of the modern home, and you are expected to provide a range of equipment that facilitate modern living.

The Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act has placed new emphasis on the standard of rental property, and the experience a tenant has. Reliable kitchen appliances are an essential component of a rental property, and landlords should choose and supply these options carefully.

As the kitchen is a well-used room, it is important surfaces and appliances are durable. Style is always going to be important, but a landlord must ensure that the kitchen is fit for purpose. A counter surface that doesn’t scratch too easily and a floor which can be wiped down quickly and effortlessly lies at the heart of a dependable kitchen.

Look to get a good return on your investment

Setting up a kitchen requires some investment, but it is possible to get a good return on investment. Even affordable kitchen set-ups from well-known names can provide over 10 years of reliable service, so it is possible to get a return on your investment. The right sort of counter top and cupboards will last a long time, if treated carefully, so landlords should choose the right tenant, as well as the right kitchen items.

The right style of kitchen appliance is crucial, and while there are many important appliances, some are more obvious and apparent than others. An oven and hob, a fridge freezer, a microwave and a washing machine are expected items, and the majority of tenants will expect to see these appliances when they rent.

Not all appliances offer the same value for money

There is a wide variance of costs associated with these products. Given the cost of being a landlord and offering rental property, it is no surprise many landlords decide to save money on kitchen appliances. Buying products at the lower end of the market saves money, but in the long-term, this may cost more.

Cheaper kitchen appliances often don’t last too long, and have to be repaired or replaced. When these appliances don’t work, tenants are unhappy, and this causes further problems for landlords. Sometimes, spending more money on a high-end appliance, and enjoying it for many years is the best option. By the time you repair or replace a cheaper washing machine or fridge-freezer, the overall money you have spent on your rental property may be higher than if you invested in a good quality machine in the first place.

There is no solution that is right for every landlord, tenant and rental property. The kitchen set-up that is ideal for one tenant may not be suitable for another. Therefore, it is best for South West London landlords to consider their own circumstances before investing in the kitchen for their rental property.

If you’re a South West London landlord, and you are looking for assistance in letting your property, contact Ariston, and we’ll be happy to help.