Landlords: Take The Stress Out Of Repairs With Fix

Being a landlord can be difficult so it makes sense to seek help from the experts. Fixflo allows you to manage your rental property with confidence.

There are many issues for landlords to contend with when letting property but carrying out repair work is extremely stressful. This may be an area where landlords don’t have much expertise in, but it is a hugely important area of the service landlords provides to tenants.

It is understandable that landlords are looking for assistance in this area, and Fixflo is likely to be of benefit.

What is Fixflo?

Fixflo, in their own words, is “an online repair reporting system for rented properties”. It is a system that assists landlords and property managers in carrying out repairs quicker and in a more efficient manner. Given that repair work is one of the biggest issues that tenants have with rental accommodation, anything which improves this process is likely to be welcomed by tenants and landlords.

When a tenant is happy, they are likely to remain in the property. This reduces the likelihood of a landlord dealing with void periods and it also helps to increase income over a longer time-frame.

Fixflo leads to fewer issues

Not only does Fixflo help to take care of issues when they arise, but it also provides valuable insight that can help to reduce the need for repairs in the future. The Fixflo system is able to offer advice to tenants about the responsibilities they hold and what work they can to resolve simple issues at home themselves.

Fixflo resolves issues faster

One of the ways that Fixflo speeds up the repair process is through creating a detailed report which is provided to contractors and agents. This information helps a contractor or agent prepare for their visit, and this increases the likelihood of the repair work being carried out first time.

Many tenants and landlords have also found that reporting an issue to a system as opposed to the landlord directly speeds up the communication process.

This may sound counter-intuitive, but given that some tenants have concerns about discussing problems directly with a landlord, reporting to another party can speed up the process.

Fixflo allows for easier communication

With some tenants preferring to report issues to a system rather than their landlord directly, there is an immediate communication benefit, but Fixflo offers other communication benefits.

With many tenants having English as a second language or having little grasp on the English language, communication can be difficult. Fixflo provides an immediate benefit because it can accept tenant repair requests in more than 40 languages, translating these requests into English in just seconds.

This is of considerable benefit to landlords and tenants, easing the communication process and speeding up the process.

There is no denying that being a landlord can be challenging, especially when repairs have to be made. Therefore, having a system in place that speeds up the process while also providing tenants with a better standard of service, has to be considered as a positive thing.

If you are a landlord looking to learn more about how Fixflo can help you provide the best standard of service to tenants, contact Ariston Property and we will do what we can to help.