Current Rental prices In N19

If you are looking to let property, or you are a landlord, you need to know local property prices, and rental prices. We keep you infiormed with what is happening in the N19 postcode area.

When it comes to making an informed decision in the rental market, you need to know the latest prices. This is the case if you are a landlord, vendor, tenant or buyer. We know there is considerable demand for rental property these days, and this is the case in London. If you are looking for current rental prices in N19, we are here to help you.

The N19 postcode area in London covers Upper Holloway, Archway and part of Tufnell Park. It is also home to Ariston Property, and it is an area we know very well. If you are looking to let property in the area, or you would like assistance in the management of your rental property, it is best to call on a local expert.

Stay in touch with local rental prices

According to prices stated by Zoopla, the current average rent in the N19 postcode area is £2,121 per calendar month, or pcm. This is an interesting figure for people looking at the market in comparison with other areas, but it is likely you need more detailed information to make any relevant selection.

The current asking rents for one-bedroom houses in N19 is £1,673 pcm while it is £1,537 pcm for one-bedroom flats. Two-bedroom houses in N19 have a current asking rent of £3,295 pcm, and for two-bedroom flats, the current asking rent is £2,354 pcm.

Three-bedroom houses in N19 have a current asking rent of £2,855 pcm, and the current asking rent for three-bedroom flat is £2,387 pcm. Four-bedroom houses in N19 have a current asking rent of £3,648 pcm, and four-bedroom flats hold a current asking rent of £2,627 pcm. Anyone with an interest in five-bedroom properties, will find houses have an asking price of £3,358 pcm and flats hold a current asking price of £4,442 pcm.

Know the local market in N19

According to Zoopla, as of August 2019, the current value of property in the area is £650,617 and the average price paid for N19 property in the past 12 months stands at £584,926.

  • Average price paid for flats: £473,431
  • Average price paid for terraced properties: £1,068,366
  • Average price paid for semi-detached properties: £686,000
  • Average price paid for detached properties: £380,000

If you are a landlord, you may not think the price paid for property is too relevant, but it is. If you want to expand your rental property portfolio, you need to know what prices are being paid for property. Also, the price of property impacts demand for rental property.

If many people find themselves priced out of the property market, they will rent property. Therefore, as a landlord, there is a lot to be said for staying in touch with local market prices and movement.

Of course, as a landlord, you have enough to being going on with when it comes to your business, which is why we are here to assist you. If you’re looking to make the most of your time as a landlord, make informed decisions. Contact Ariston Property, and we’ll provide you with the support you need when it comes to