Spring Cleaning Tips For Tenants

Tenants need to keep their rental property clean. The cleaner the rental property, the better the chance of getting the full deposit back, so follow these tips to enhance your relationship with your landlord.

While the overall care and maintenance of rental property are left to landlords, there is a lot that tenants should do to ensure the property remains in good condition. When you consider the condition and cleanliness of the rental property impacts the likelihood that the tenant will receive their deposit back, there is a huge incentive for tenants to keep the property clean and well-maintained.

A tenant should have daily or weekly cleaning tasks but there is a great deal to be said for carrying out a major spring clean. When the temperature starts to rise and people feel more optimistic, it is good to freshen up a home and ensure that everything is sparkling and looking like new.

Even though most tenants will not want to redecorate the home or carry out major improvement work, there are many cleaning tasks that can be carried out around the home. If you are a tenant keen to enjoy your living quarters and you want to improve the likelihood of obtaining your deposit back, here are some spring cleaning tips for tenants.

The cleaning process starts with a declutter

Decluttering is essential to create a platform where you can clean the home to the best possible standard. While decluttering a home is more commonly associated with the process of preparing a home for a sale or let, it is a good opportunity for tenants to freshen their home.

If you have accumulated items you don’t need or you have too many belongings taking up too much space, spring is the ideal time of year to remove these items and move on with more space at home. Decluttering is often a great way to find items you can sell, to support a charity or to help others who may benefit from items you no longer require. However, with respect to spring cleaning, having more space at home allows you to access more surfaces and areas, revitalising the home.

Open your windows

Given the colder temperatures in winter, it is likely that the windows have been closed for a long time. The central heating in the home may have been used a lot recently too, which means that the home will benefit from being freshened up.

The ideal solution is to open windows wide and allow fresh air to circulate around the home. There are likely to be some health benefits from creating a fresher environment in the home but when it comes to creating a clean home, fresh air works wonders.

Clean the windows

Before or after opening the windows for a spell, it makes sense to thoroughly clean the windows and frames. Winter can cause windows and frames to become dirty and messy, so spend time washing the inside and outside of the window.

This is a simple task but the impact of shining windows can have a hugely positive impact on the home. Also, this is an area that is noticeable from outside the home, so it will create a more positive impression on other people.

Focus on the carpets

If there is carpeting in the rental home, spring is the ideal time to give them a thorough clean. Carpets should be vacuumed or swept regularly but with respect to a professional cleaning to a high standard, once a year is a suitable time.

Again, there are health benefits associated with cleaning carpets but maintaining the condition of the carpet and ensuring the rental property looks as good as new are big reasons to clean the carpet in spring.

None of these tasks should be too challenging or time-consuming for a tenant but they will have a positive impact on a rental home. If you are looking to make the best impression as a tenant, contact Ariston Property and we will do our best to ensure you love life as a tenant.