Landlords: Do You Know Who Your Ideal Tenant Is?

With the right tenant in place, being a landlord is much easier. Therefore, it is crucial landlords ensure they have the best tenants in place for their property.

Being a landlord is difficult, but there are ways you can make the process easier. When you have the right tenant in place, being a landlord is simpler and more manageable. Therefore, landlords should take the time to learn who their ideal tenant is, and take steps to welcome this tenant to their property.

At Ariston Property, we are committed to assisting local landlords in making the most of the rental market. If you have an ideal tenant in mind, come and speak with us. We can help you reach out to this tenant. Hopefully, landlords enjoy the process. If you don’t know who your ideal tenant is, don’t worry, come and speak with us and we will do what we can to help you move forward.

The right tenant makes your role easier

Your ideal tenant will be one who pays in full, on time and who respects your property. After this, your ideal tenant may depend on where you stay or what sort of home you have. For some landlords, young professionals are their perfect tenant. Other landlords are keen to welcome young families to their rental property.

We can discuss your options, and help you reach out to your ideal tenant. Whether you already have a property you are looking to let, or you aim to buy with a tenant in mind, Ariston Property is on hand to assist you in managing your services.

When it comes to letting to an ideal tenant, there are certain checks you need to carry out. Right now, landlords in the UK must perform a Right To Rent test on tenants. Failing to undertake this test can lead to a fine for landlords. Landlords must also not discriminate against prospective tenants when selecting a tenant.

Meet tenants face to face

When choosing a tenant, meeting a person face to face is highly informative. Communicating online or over the phone saves time, but this may prevent landlords from forming a strong opinion on a tenant. It makes sense to get together with a prospective tenant, ask them questions and then gauge their reaction.

Given the importance of finding your ideal tenant, landlords need to carry out additional work to ensure they welcome the right person to their rental dwelling.

As the ideal tenant is one who pays on time and in full, landlords must vet whether a tenant can afford to pay their rent or not. You must check the tenant can comfortably afford their monthly rent and still have money to spare for other bills and other expenses. Some agents recommend ensuring tenants have an annual income that is 30 times their monthly rent.

Not everyone is comfortable asking people questions about their finances. However, if you are a landlord, this is vital information. If you are uncomfortable investigating a person’s finances, ensure you hire the services of a specialist that will provide this information.

If you want to know who your ideal tenant is, or you need help finding your perfect tenant, contact Ariston Property. We have helped many local landlords, and we look forward to assisting you, so please get in touch.