Give Your Home A Deep Clean

Most people are looking to improve the hygiene of their home right now, and if you follow these deep clean tips, you will have a hugely positive impact on your home and surroundings.

It is fair to say many of us are taking health and hygiene very seriously at the moment. Anyone who is spending a lot of time at home right now will want to make sure their home is as clean as possible, which is why this is the ideal time to give your home a deep clean.

At Ariston Property, we are pleased to say we have helped many local landlords present their property most effectively. A large part of this process is to clean the rental accommodation to a high standard, which is why we can provide tips that will ensure you can clean your home effectively right now.

Start in the right manner when cleaning your home

Before you begin the deep clean process, take the following steps as it will help you achieve better results:

  1. Declutter the house to create more space and making it easier to clean the house
  2. Devise your plan of action, bearing in mind how you are likely to work best
  3. Make sure you have suitable cleaning equipment and materials to help you complete the task

When you have taken these steps, you will be in a better position to carry out work. While each room is essential when carrying out a deep clean, most people prefer to start with the bathroom. This is a room where hygiene is hugely important.

Cleaning the bathroom gives your home a lift

When you have a clean and sparkling bathroom, you will feel better about your home. Most people will want to scrub sinks, toilets, showers and bathtubs at home. Before you start this process, spray down these areas with a multi-purpose cleaner, and allow it to soak. Doing so helps to break down any oil or soap that has accumulated in the bath.

When you return, you will find it easier to scrub these features.

Make sure you focus on window treatments, mirrors and light fixtures. There will be additional dirt and mess in the corners and around the edges. Make sure you remove all dust and grime from these areas, and adding vinegar to a wet rag will help you clean quicker.

With glass shower doors, you want to avoid streaks. Applying warm distilled white vinegar and leaving it in place for half an hour will ensure you remove scummy streaks and marks. Adding baking soda onto it will allow you to scrub these problems away.

Get rid of mould or dirty grout

You should also take steps to ensure mould or signs of damp is cleaned and removed from your bathroom. There are many commercial products to choose from, but a homemade mixture of baking soda, water and vinegar is also useful. Using a bristled brush, such as a toothbrush, is highly effective in cleaning grout.

We know these are challenging times, but if you have any questions about the local letting industry, please feel free to contact us. At Ariston Property, we aim to support the local community as best we can, and we look forward to assisting you in any way.