Everyone Is On Social Media – Is Your House or Ren

If you plan on selling or letting your home, you need to ensure it is seen in all the right places, including social media.

While online property portals are critical for buyers searching for a property, social media provides an opportunity for vendors and buyers to engage. The statistics of social media use suggests this is where people frequent, so is your house or rental property on social media?

At the start of 2019, according to data contained in the Digital 2019 report from WeAreSocial and Hootsuite, the UK had 45 million social media users which is equivalent to 67% of the population. Of the 45 million social media users, 39 million people access their social media accounts on a mobile device.

There are findings which suggest that social media users are active, with 96% of social media users accessing a network or a messaging service in four weeks. The study suggests 77% of social media users actively engaged or contributed to social media during this time. Therefore, there is a suggestion that people actively use social media, which makes it a perfect platform for you to reach out to users.

Facebook is the most popular social media platform

Of all the social media platforms, Facebook is the most popular in the UK. Facebook has faced many problems and challenges in recent years, with some people expecting a scandal-hit 2018 to impact the platform negatively, but user numbers remain high.

78% of all internet users in the United Kingdom access Facebook. 71% of people aged 13 years or older, around 40 million people, can be engaged with adverts. This opportunity makes Facebook a highly appealing option in reaching specific people, with the platform offering highly-targeted advertising campaigns.

Facebook Audience insights suggest that between 35 and 40 million users actively use Facebook each month, and for users aged 18 years or older, 52% of users are female with 48% of users being male.

Images and video posts engage people

Interesting information from Facebook suggests that the average engagement rate for a Facebook post is 3.82%, the average engagement rate for an image is 5.48%, and for a video, the engagement rate is 6.96%. There is a growing awareness of the importance of video content, and this is an area that estate agents and vendors should consider.

Other social media statistics to consider include:

  • 2018 figures provided by Flint suggests 37.1 million adults use YouTube in the UK
  • The average viewing session on YouTube is 40 minutes
  • At the start of 2019, Instagram had an estimated 24 million users in the United Kingdom
  • Instagram is slightly more skewed towards female users than Facebook
  • Twitter claims 13.6 million UK residents can be reached by advertising, representing 24% of the population aged 13 years old or older
  • Twitter is more skewed towards male users than Facebook or Instagram, although business Twitter accounts are classed as neutral

The evidence that people use and engage social media is clear. Therefore, if you want to reach people, it is vital to be on social media and to use social media effectively.

At Ariston Property, we take social media very seriously, and we cultivate a presence that people engage with and trust. If you want to ensure your house reaches as many people as possible, call on an estate agent who provides you are found on social media by people looking for a property.