Can You Prepare Your House Sale During Lockdown?

If you find yourself at home with time to spare during the lockdown, and you are planning to sell your home in the future, you can take steps to ease the process.

These are difficult times, and at Ariston, we are keen to assist you as best we can. We are following social distancing guidelines, and if you have any questions about lettings or the property market, please get in touch.

We know there will be people looking to move home as soon as they possibly can once it is deemed safe to do so. It is possible for people to move home now, but we appreciate many households would rather hold off for now until there is greater clarity in the market.

However, there is no harm in planning ahead. If you are looking to move to a new rental property, or even sell your home, there is a lot you can do to prepare yourself. This is also true for landlords who currently have an empty property who are looking to enter the market as soon as possible.

We are pleased to say we have assisted many landlords and vendors prepare their home, and these tips offer benefits in the short and long-term.

Decluttering always an excellent starting point

Anyone who has spent a lot of time at home recently is probably looking at ways to improve their home. If you are looking for a project to keep you busy, cleaning and decluttering will boost your mental well-being, and leave you with a more appealing home.

The three leading reasons to declutter your home before selling it include:

  • By decluttering your home, you create more space making your home seem larger, and this is appealing to potential buyers
  • When you create more space at home, it becomes easier to clean, and this will make your home more attractive to likely buyers
  • After you declutter your home, you remove a lot of your personal belongings, and this makes it easier for a buyer to imagine themselves living in your property

These are all positive outcomes, and they are worth pursuing if you have free time at home these days.

Clean your house thoroughly

Most people are looking to improve the hygiene at their home right now. This is the perfect time to deep-clean the key areas of your home, and again, this will offer short and long-term benefits.

Having a gleaming kitchen and a sparkling bathroom will help you relax, and feel more confident about the cleanliness of your house. It is also something that will attract buyers to your home, and increase their confidence about making an offer on the home.

There is a wide range of commercially available cleaning products to choose from, but you can also use natural products from around the house. Lemon juice, vinegar and baking soda can be used to revitalise your home and leave your leading rooms looking like new.

We know these are challenging times, but if you have any questions about the local property market, please feel free to contact us. At Ariston, we aim to support the local community as best we can, and we look forward to assisting you in any way.